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As long as I can remember, I have always had trouble breathing at night. Maybe I had trouble breathing all day but only noticed it at night. Either way, I saw quite a few doctors and specialists and they all said nothing was wrong with me. So for the last (almost) 3 decades, I've just dealt with it. Not long after we went vegan I noticed slowly my breathing was getting better, and when we stopped being vegan the problem came right back.

Realizing now that the problem was cow dairy, I am trying to take it out my diet. In every way I can except cheese, anyways. I can trade cow milk for almond milk. I have found so taste many non-dairy alternatives or substitutes for everything but cheese. While I'm not going 100% dairy free, I'm doing my best to go 75% dairy free. My sisters are calling me a "convenient vegan". I guess it's true.

In my search for good food without dairy in it, I was introduced to Dave's Killer Bread. After trying a few different types out, we discovered Good Seed, which we like the best. This stuff is a bit more expensive than the grocery store brand but it's well worth every penny.

It's especially worth it when you make amazing delicious sandwiches like BLT's.

To be honest, this was more of a "TAT" because I used Smokey Maple Bacon flavored Tempeh instead of bacon and arugula instead of lettuce. IT WAS SO GOOD! I was completely surprised. Tempeh was something I heard a lot about but never found in a store, until I found this stuff. It looks kind of like sliced almonds glued together but once I fried it up tasted very similar to bacon. I will definitely be buying it again. Mmm!

Dave's Killer Bread: Good Seed
3-4 slices of Smokey Maple Bacon Tempeh
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In a pan pour a little EVOO and fry tempeh. I believe the directions say a few minutes on each side. Personally I like my bacon a bit on the extra crispy dark so I cook mine for a few more minutes than recommended. Toast bread, put a little Vegenaise on one slice, then pile everything on and enjoy!!

Has anyone else ever tried Tempeh before? What do you think about it? Do you have any recipes using it you would recommend?
Jessica Howard said...

That looks super delicious!

Eve said...

I've always somewhat hated milk. Thank god for almond milk. :)
Cheese is going to be a tough one to beat.

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