Fabulous Friday v1 ~ Makeup Monday v2

Today is nothing short of fabulous.

Waking up happy is such a glorious feeling! But that's what happens when I wake up in Aaron's arms. :3 I felt rested, ready to start fresh, and eager to take on today.

Despite the fact that today's forecast calls for a high of 90*, I wanted to wear my boots and a cute cardi. I was determined. Besides... we keep the store at a crisp temp so I need a sweater when I'm here anyways.

sweater - Target
top - Forever 21
extra long tank - Ebay
necklace - Fred Meyer
shorts - Fred Meyer
boots - Cutesy Shoes

Such a roll was had this morning, I even took pictures for an eyeshadow tutorial:

For this look, I put a light pink (A) across my lids, in the corner creases put a fairly dark smoky gray (B), and then used a sparkly silver (C) to blend to the colors together. Lined my eyes with a dark gray pencil, and added mascara.

This took me three minutes and I was out the door. Time has been flying by so quickly, who wants to spend time on tedious make up? I sure don't.

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful day! Do you have any fun plans for this weekend?
MoosiferX said...

Glad to hear you're having an awesome day! It's only going to get better as it rolls on too.

Atomic's going to be awesome, tonight. It's been a little while since we've had a hardy get together there.

Chandra said...

Cute outfit :)

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