Tuesday Blues ~ Makeup Monday v3

By "blues" I don't mean anything bummer-tastic. My hot desert sun has taken the day off and a whole sky full of clouds have taken over. Not that I mind too much- a break from 98* weather is fine by me.

The pretty tones of the sky today inspired me to do another tutorial- blue and silver lined eyes:

With a slanted edge eyeliner brush, line the outer half of the upper lash line with a dark navy blue, starting fairly thick and then making it thinner as you go across. Then lightly lined the outer third of the lower lash line.

With a different brush, line the inside half of the upper lash line and the rest of your bottom lash line with a bright silver. Make sure to do your inner corner to give the appearance of brighter and bigger eyes.

For a slightly more dramatic effect, add a brown eyeliner to the outer third of your upper lash line. Add mascara and waalah!

If you don't have a slanted edge eyeliner brush, I highly recommend getting one. It creats a crisp, straight line with no fuss. This brush is really the only one I could give a hoot about.

I got mine in a little kit of multiple brushes at Fred Meyer for $10. You can also get them at Walgreen and/or Rite-Aid for about the same price. Sephora also has some nice ones starting at $8.

Do you have a favorite brush or makeup accessory like that?

Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday!

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