Monday Inspiration

I ♥ lists. Making them, reading other people's... they are just great.

Krysten posted a list of things that made her happy this week and Erin reposted a picture she found of "how to have a better day". This inspired me to make one of my own.

.:=:. Things That Make Me Smile .:=:.
~Aaron's smile and laughs
~big bows (like the one I'm rocking today)
~happy, upbeat music
~yummy snacks
~nice people

As my friend JenJen says: "It's the little things in life." She sure is right. There may be tons of stuff going on in the world, but a sweet smile or a kind word from someone can just brighten up the day.

Hopefully you are having an excellent Monday! ♥
Carrie said...

sounds like a great list to me! You have a super cute blog


Linda F. said...

Hi lovely! I can't seem to find your email on your page so I wanted to reply here. Thanks so much for the kind wishes about my first sale and my (quite messy) desk! I love the idea of scallops too, I've gone a bit scallops crazy on everything I own... Still trying to decide if that's such a bad thing! I absolutely love your blog... the Diana photos you took in the last post are amazing and I wish I had one! The effects are so dreamy and pretty, love it. I can't wait to see more of what you do with it!
<3 Linda

JustSandyy said...

Oh! What a good idea! Nice people make me smile, too. You so rarely get to see that in L.A., lol.

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