Practice Makes Perfect

Serious talks about going to Japan next year have prompted Aaron and I to get cracking at practicing Japanese. Again. We've decided we want to go back to Osaka and this time we'll to "backpack it". And maybe go around baseball season so we can see a Hanshin Tigers game.

We've also started by diving in head first and quickly going through everything we've learned before, while sprinkling some new words in there just for fun. I was happy I remembered more hiragana than I thought I would, but I should have remembered more. So I have been doing lots of lines to help reinforce it in my brain:

In addition to hirigana, we worked on numbers. But not just numbers, we worked on numbers for counting things (because those two things are different in Japan). You pronounce a number differently when you are giving someone your phone number than when you are telling a person who many cats you have. Fun times!

I've been able to get a couple hours of studying and writing things down over and over and over again so I'm really happy about it. Tomorrow's study session will be awesome!
knittinggoddesswithacat said...

that is so cool! I'd love to learn Japanese!

Liana said...

"One, two, three" are totally the only Japanese words I know because you count when you do a sake bomb. I am not proud of this fact.

Such a beautiful written language, though. I'm always so in love with the graphic nature of Japanese. (And Russian! Have you ever looked at Cyrillic writing? It's crazy!)

SA_SA_SA_SA_ said...

You guys have such passion for whatever it is you're doing; it's wonderful. Given that, there's no chance in my eyes of you two doing anything but being JP badasses by the next time you make it out here. Keep it up!

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