Not Very Inspired

Oh man. It's almost been 3 full months since my last post.

The jet lag and LIFE had me by the throat when we got back from vacation which made it hard to get excited about writing on here. I was starting to feel this huge obligation to my blog and I just wanted to ignore it because I didn't have anything exciting to write. That and Aaron and I have been having so much fun together watching wrestling, movies, anime, and playing games together, and blogging would take away from that.

My heart and brain just haven't been into KFT. The brain in a major way, as I just noticed I titled this blog "Not Sure Inspiried". *ugh*

Last month I randomly hopped onto My Girl Thursday's blog the day she wrote this post. A lot of what she said comforted me in my blah-ness with the blog. I felt like "why would anyone come to my blog when there are crazyawesomeamazing bloggers like her!?!" and reading her thoughts on blogging helped me see that I was writing to an audience and not for myself. I started blogging for ME and lost that along the way.

I'm going to go back to blogging for me. Which is a good thing. It's a great thing!

Look forward to some changes around here as I'm getting back to being inspired!

I recently picked up a cute notebook at Target a while ago and I think I'm going to start writing Morning Pages as inspired by one of my fave people in the world Jeff Green. That might help get the inspirational juices flowing. d^_^b

That's all for now friends! I WILL talk to you soon! ♥
Eve said...

I totally agree! Write what you want, because it is your blog~ I'm like that sometimes too, I get lazy lol. You have been MIA for a while, was wondering where you were. Oh! PAX coming, we should meet up this year!

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