Man Hole Covers

Seriously. They are. In Japan, each district has it's own man hole cover. In addition to that, there are a lot of neat decorations on the sidewalks. I took lots of pictures of these that I'd like to share- BECAUSE THEY'RE SO COOL!

The first man hole cover we saw, just outside our hotel

This one was in Shinsaibashi-suji. It was pretty tricky taking this picture since that area is always crazy busy with foot traffic.

In Kyoto with Sam. I don't know what this was, but it was neat looking.

Kyoto again with Sam.

So! While we were in Kobe with Hiro, we found this off a main sidewalk~ it's a hot spring for soaking feet! HOW COOL!

In Kobe with Hiro.

With Hiro on the way to a bar named "Cheers" who is owned by this awesome Austrailian guy, where we watched this amazing Jazz band, and Hiro's girlfriend was our hostess. This was one of the best nights we had in Japan. We ended up loosing track of time and the three of us ran from Cheers to the subway station to make the LAST TRAIN of the night. We were totally inebriated and laughed the entire way to the subway. It's something you see in Japanese shows and movies but don't ever expect yourself to do. It was magical. *^_^*

These pictures make me really happy and nostalgic. It's a little thing, taking pictures of our feet on pieces of metal, but to me it's so much more! The sites, sounds, smells, and experiences that went along with it are big memories to me. *^_^*
kelstr0 said...

Nice shots! I've tagged you in my most recent post.

Cheers, Kelsey.

Laura said...

That's really interesting. I love finding out little details about countries and places that I never knew before!

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