Coffee Quest Osaka Edition

Anyone who knows me (or at least follows me in Instagram) knows of my love for fruffy coffees. It's just so yummy and pretty looking. It's also fun! So I decided to take the opportunity while on vacation to try as many coffees as possible.

As it stands right now, I have no idea how many different coffees I tried and am excited to see the number when I'm done writing this post. :3

Almond Caramel Latte from Excelsior (maybe? I forget).

Iced coffee at Doutor.

Iced Coffee with Caramel at KoHiKan.

Iced Chocolate Coffeee at MaiDreamin.

Maple Iced Latte from Anne Colors Coffee. This was one of my favorites of the trip.

Caramel Cream Milk Coffee at Precious Moment Cafe. It was dreamy and awesome as you are imagining.

Our first of many "conbini" (convenience store) meals. Convenience stores in Japan are infinitely more awesome than in America. They're legit places to buy food, groceries, games, toys. This was from Family Mart (which is our fave conbini). These little coffees remind me of juice boxes because they're solid containers with a little straw you poke through the top. This was a Starbucks "Seattle Latte".

Starbucks "Candied Orange Latte". Its was ok. There was crushed orange candy on top, and I'm not a big fan of candy. The orange latte part was super sweet. I definitely got a sugar rush from this one.

Iced Coffee from a curry restaurant. Basic but good.

This "Beauty Latte" from Pronto was the most mind blowing thing ever. I'm pretty sure it was made with 100% fat butter milk. It was good but I couldn't drink half of my medium size coffee because of the crazy thick milk. Not quite sure where the beauty part of the latte comes because you definitely aren't doing your figure any favors by having many of these... I must have missed something there?

Mt. Rainier Double Ice Coffee. Another conbini coffee. Nothing special but a solid coffee non the less.

Cafe au lait with Brown Sugar. So. Good. Mmm!

This little guy was my #1 coffee of the trip, as silly as that might sound. The Mt. Rainier brand knows how to make tasty lattes! I might have had, like, 6 of them over the remainder of the trip lol!

This iced chocolate latte was a conbini coffee from 7&I (an affiliate of 7/11).

Iced Caramel Cappuccino and the best breakfast egg bun thing evar.

Penny came out and traveled around Osaka with us of the days we were there. I'll post about her day out some other time. Here she's being sneaky and trying to snag of my Olo Olo caramel ice coffee. She's a smart girl because that was one tasty coffee! This one was a common one in vending machines so I had a couple of these.

A Mango Something Frap from Starbucks while at the airport ready to head home. It was mango-y and good~ nothing crazy special though. This was my last fancy drink while in Japan.

Soy Hazelnut Macchiato from Starbucks outside of Seattle. The long drive home from the airport needed a little something something.

That is 18 different coffee drinks! I'm going to call my quest a success! I learned that latte's aren't as common in Japan as I thought. Cafe au laits and ice coffees are the most common drinks. "Maple" was a big thing as far as food and drink flavors go, which was cool. Also, on a side note: Starbucks in Japan don't have green tea. They have Passion Tea and Black Tea. Crazy, huh?

Well, thanks for checking out my quest. I hope you enjoyed it! *waves*
Eve said...

That is a lot of coffee!! I don't even drink coffee :S

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