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Finding my "voice" in writing is something I've always struggled with. It's probably why I haven't written much lately. Well that's one reason. The baby is probably another reason... haha! One thing my fave bloggers Gina said, that has resonated with me: just write.

So here I am just writing. My last serious blog post was in May, and a lot of has happened since then. Obviously.

Firstly, business for video game stores like Game Stop (and other games stores I've worked at) slows down during the summer time~ this wasn't the case for us. Each month this year has steadily been better than the last and summer vacation didn't stop people from spending money at our store. This was a welcome opportunity for us: we hosted a customers birthday party, held very successful game tournaments, and expanded our store more than we had expected. We haven't slowed down.

(Well actually, that's not entirely true... the last two weeks have been uncharacteristically slow compared to previous years. We blame either Grand Theft Auto V, Pokemon, of the government shutdown. It's probably mostly Pokemon's fault.)

But that's besides the point. The point is we are doing well. Very well in fact! We are happy, healthy. We can pay bills, place new orders for merchandise, and still have a teeny bit of fun money.

We even had the chance to close the store for Labor Day and head to Seattle for the Bumbershoot Festival. We stayed up wayyyyy too late the night before so we actually all napped during the MGMT concert lol! The baby didn't mind all the music and excitement one bit. The Baroness and Deer Hunter concerts were incredible.

Speaking of the baby! It's 4 1/2 inches (about the size of an avocado) and can hear me talking. I can't say for sure I've felt the baby yet, as I've had a slight rumbly tumbly so I could have only been feeling gas haha!

This picture shows up my baby bump the best, I think. I'm 16 weeks along, and everything is going smoothly. *knock on wood* We've decided to go with a midwife, instead of an OBGYN. Her name is Kristin and she's been awesome. Aaron and I are both super comfortable around her and have zero worries about having a home birth. I can do it!

This pregnancy has been easy going, short of one bad day where I fainted. It isn't anything to worry about, I just learned I need to eat more protein. So yay for bacon and eggs each morning for breakfast!! Mid November is when we find out what we're having and we're starting to get antsy about it. I really want to know if there's a little boy or little girl in there. *^___^*

While baby is somewhat distracting, I want to have (and keep) a goal of writing more frequently. I've been knitting again, so I want to post a bunch about that. There's even a new pattern to release super soon!

With that, I'm going to head out. ♥♥♥

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