My Baby Bump

My body has been changing quite a bit over the last three months. The baby bump is growing, my center of gravity has moved, and all of my pants have built in stretchy bands. (I'm pretty sure I've felt my baby poke me on more than one occasion the past few mornings.)

Maneuvering around is starting to become difficult. More and more I find myself thinking of this puppy:

It makes me laugh because I know I'm just going to get bigger and feel ever more like him. Whenever I struggle though, Aaron is there to help me up (often before I even know I need help). ♥ I do a lot of rolling and a bit of grunting whenever I get up.

Since I haven't blogged too much this year, I thought I would do a quick picture post to show you how much I've grown.

~Week 4

~Week 6

~Week 8

~Week 10

~Week 12

~Week 14

~Week 16

~Weel 16

~Week 17

~Week 17 - Today (Sharo Cowl pattern can be found here).

My little sister gave me a bunch of hand-me-ups, which I have been wearing a lot of lately. I'm feeling great, have a good amount of energy and confidence. Eating well is a super high priority for me, and Aaron is such a great helper! I hardly ever know what I want to eat, so he comes up with lots of yummy and healthy things. It's great!

The baby is slightly over 5 inches long or about the size of an onion right now, crazy! In just a couple weeks we get to find out what we're having! We're both so excited! Names for both sexes have been picked out, so we'll announce the name when we find out the gender.

We don't have a preference on what we're having. It would be wonderful to name my little girl after my grandma that passed away recently. Girls out number boys in both our families, so I would be cool to have a little boy. I've been told that chill pregnancies (like the one I'm having) mean you're having a girl, but then my sister-in-law had a super rough pregnancy and had a girl. So I just don't know, haha! Should we start a little pole? Want to throw out a guess for what I'm having?

Aaron said...

Your baby bump. It is the bestest. :D

Knitted Fox said...

♥♥ Thank you! ♥♥


You and your bump are the cutest :) I recently had a baby myself and clearly remember what a lovely, exciting time pregnancy is (well, I'm enjoying my postpartum challenges now lol). Very glad to have discovered your adorable blog; you now have a new follower :)


p.s. I had a super chill pregnancy, and have a boy :)

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