Blueberry EOS lipbalm!? YES!

This man's beanie on an episode of X-Files is incredible! Yarn shopping is in my future.

I commandeered some new mascots!!

I was commandeered by the Empire!!

Sean dressed up as Gumshoe from the Phoenix Wright games while we handed out candy at the store.

Rinoa was the best watcher for Trick-Or-Treaters! She guarded the candy and let us know when people showed up.

Aaron was soooo excited for the new arcade cabinets we picked up for the store~ Ms. Pac-Man and Side Arms. d^___^b

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween! Did you go trick-or-treating? Did you have lots of kids come to your home for candy?
Love Sparkle Pretty said...

Hello dear. :) I went to write you back in response to my blog post but it shows you as a no-reply blogger. :(

I have my ups and downs with blogging. Sometimes I'm so inspired and motivated to blog and other times (like recently), I have the need to step back from my blog.
I have to evaluate my priorities at times and really focus on what's important. Yes, I love connecting with others (like you :)) and sharing thoughts and photos to reflect back on but it's easy to become consumed and get too overwhelmed. Especially being a mother, it's hard to take the time away from my son to write a post instead of spend time with him. The guilt sets in sometimes so I learn to balance and reevaluate my priorities. You will certainly do the same as well when your little family continues to grow and that sweet little baby has arrived. :)
As for finding your brand, it continues to grow and evolve as you learn new things and find your niche...or a different niche once you are done with a season of your life. It also takes time. You have to put the time and continuous work into building your brand. If you are stumped on what you want your brand to be or what you want it to look like. Remember YOU are your brand and start there. What are your interests, what do you want to share about yourself with others that can be relatable, what are your talents...when you look at other brands, what do you like or dislike about them (examples:simplicity, modern, craftiness, clean lines, maybe a certain type of feel like rustic, wild or whimsical). Start with the positives you like and go from there.
I totally get it though! It can be really frustrating but there's a line of either, this can be your hobby and something you enjoy in your spare time (when you get spare time) or it's something you want to pursue and make as a means of your job/extra income.
Remember though, your blog (whether it's on either side of that line) is a place you can look back on to revisit memories and a place to share your story and to inspire others within theirs. Each of us has our own story to tell and it DOES MATTER.

Carrie said...

Lovely pictures! LOVE the sound of that EOS balm, blueberry is my favourite! :)
Carrie xxx


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