In Which the Feeling Is Real

Next month Aaron and I will be celebrating 14 years since our first date. I remember the rain. I remember the kiss.

14 years together, nine years of marriage, four trips over seas, one baby... we're still going strong. That strength has been tested and reinforced.

I was writing in my journal in bed tonight, and I started thinking about love and that feeling you get when a guy looks at you with a particular look in his eye. The one that makes you weak in the knees, wanting more (and then some). The look you want your partner to give you every day of your life. I feel fortunate to have a husband who delivers this sort of look. I don't apologize for loving this, because I love it.

As if by some divine intervention Aaron woke up and smiled at me, pulled me close and kissed me. Yuna's "Favourite Thing" was playing in the background. The feeling of swooning had never been more real to me.

Even after all this time he can still make me feel like I've been swept off my feet. That I'm the only woman in the world he sees. That nothing else in the world matters but us.

My sincerest hope is that I give him the same feelings. That he knows there is no other man for me. That I treasure these 14 years together and know we'll grow stronger with each passing year.

Now that I've written this all down and my heart has stopped palpatating like crazy from the near romance movie experience I'm going to go to bed.  Sweet dreams! <3

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