Mom Hacks

The term hacks might be too strong of a term. There are just a few really neat and handy things that I do, that I have started to do since having a kid, that I have really helped me, and I think they will help you too. These things are nothing life changing, except they kinda were for me.

Hair ties.

There is still a bit of "baby weight" on my belly that prevents me from fitting perfectly back into my old jeans and shorts. Using a hair tie to secure my fly closed has made it so I can wear bottoms that fit me (mostly). Since all my tops are long they cover my fly so I don't have to worry about anyone knowing my secret.

Dry shampoo

The world of dry shampoo can be a scary place but really there is no need to fear. It is a pretty affordable product and one that is a real time saver for a busy mama like me. My favorite is Batiste which is about $8 and can be found at Ulta or Walgreens. A new one I've tried recently is Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo, which is about the same price and I picked it up at Safeway.

The thing with dry shampoo is to spray at a distance, to not spray too much, and to give it a minute to absorb your oils. My bangs, the hair around my ears, and my cowlick on the back of my crown are my problem spots, and I will do a once over, shaking the can constantly. Then I'll wash my face, brush my teeth, or put my makeup on. Then I'll use my finger tips to gently rub my roots and apply a bit more to places that need it. On those days that a shower is just not going to happen, dry shampoo is what saves me. I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Wrinkle Release Spray

This little blue bottle of goodness not only really helps get rid of wrinkles but it makes you and your clothes smell like you just rolled out of a dryer. It's glorious. Really! I hate putting laundry away so my clothes are varying states of wrinkles. Instead of wasting time throwing my tops into the dryer I'll use this. It doesn't work on hardcore creases but works wonders on every day wrinkles. It also works as a great perfume.

What are some "hacks" that you use day to day?

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