Egg - Action Selfie Cam

More over Snapchat filters- Egg - Action Selfie Cam is taking over. At least for me anyways. Egg has dozens upon dozens of different filters, that are wayyyy better than any of the ones that Snapchat has. Don't get me wrong, some of the ones on Snapchat are neat (there's like two of them) but these Egg ones are SO CUTE! Not just cute, but so fun! The majority of them have sounds and animations (which don't post well on here so here are a few linkies: [one] [two]).

This is one of my all time favorite selfies. The hair and the huge round glasses are just darling!

There's not just cute filters, there's also scary, weird, and just plain silly ones. There's basically something for everyone on it. The app hooks up to LINE, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for quick and easy sharing on social media. I really have to restrain myself from spamming too many pics of me to Twitter and IG, haha! Do you have a favorite selfie app for your phone? Which are your favorite filters? ♥

Too precious!

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