Vegan and Not So Vegan Bentos

I have to say, it wasn't as hard as it could have been. Eating a vegan diet I mean. Mostly it was just inconvenient when we ate out.

After a few months of eating vegan, we've decided to move to vegetarian (with moments of pescatarian for me - I really have a hankering for a tuna sandwich!!) We both learned a lot about food and our bodies while doing this and in all honesty, I'm glad we did it. My sinus problem has drastically stopped bothering me so I'm curious to learn what could have triggered it as I start adding various food back into my diet.

I took going on this diet as a challenge, mostly. I wanted to prove that I could eat "normally" (normal for me anyways) with little effort~ meaning I could still have lots of yummy dishes even though I had to change some ingredients. For the most part, I feel I succeeded. Here's a few bento's that were my favorites:

1) Noodles and homemade red sauce, with tons of olives, and a spinach salad.
2) Vegan chocolate/banana dumplings with fruit (based off of Joy's dumplings), and miso soup (not so vegan I know but oh-so-good while sick).

Today's bento is more pasta and greens. Green beans and ketchup because that's the only way to eat green beans. xD

There have been more bentos but these were only ones that made the cut for picture taking. Are there any special foods you particularly like to pack for lunches?

Happy Monday Friends!
HippyHomemaker said...

Dairy could have been contributing to your stuffiness. Dairy is well known to increase mucous production. When I was a singer we always tried to avoid dairy before competition because it would coat your vocal chords in goo.. It will be interesting to see how you feel as you add foods back into your diet.

Eve said...

way to go! my favorite must haves items for lunch is eggs & avocado!

Anonymous said...

Definitely post something about how your body reacts to reintroducing particular foods~

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