Ha ha Moustache!

So I'm going to be honest. When I get home and the ac is blasting (or if I'm just cold in general) the hoodie comes out~ zipped up and secured. I have no shame in this. Anyone who has spend an evening at my house and seen the following:


Totally hot, I know. :3 That's just how it goes since my favorite mustard beanie was banned to the closet, never to be seen again by my friends. (It's a long and very embarrassing story~ I may/may not ever share it...) Anyways! As if I couldn't get any hotter in my getup, in comes Ha ha Mustaches! It's a game where you hold a card of a famous moustache up to your face and other people guess who it belongs to. We picked it up while we were in Seattle for PAX.

Quick! Who am I!?

Sorry that's a trick question... the card is upside down. xD Aaron just thought this was the funniest thing and had to have the moment captured for all time. Silly guy!

There are three different sets of moustache's to play with "living people", "dead people", and "bad people". It was ridiculously fun! Although once you play through all the cards, you know all the answers so it's kinda a one time thing. Each set was $7 though so it was well worth it, even if just for the laughs. Who do you think work the moustache best? *^^*
Anonymous said...

that looks like such an epic game, hahaha! I must look for it :-P

Anonymous said...

At least one of my answers is Teddy Roosevelt.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oooh i'd love to play this game! or knowing me, i'd probably just walk around and use those cards all day. mustaches are way fun!

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