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So it turns out life after giving birth is crazy.  To be honest, I've been doing more and being out & about more than I probably should.  But the craziness doesn't have much to do with baby Dean.

Owning a brick & mortar business isn't put on pause when you have a baby.  Our responsibilities don't allow much   maternity/paternity leave. Customers will understand a day or two of being closed, but after that they want the store open to spend their money.

One of the most popular items at our store is Magic the Gathering cards.  About a week before Dean was born we took all the cards home so we could revamp and reprice them all.  All 120,000 of them.

So every single day Aaron, my parents, our nephew, and I have been working to get all these cards organized by set (there's about 60 sets), color (there's 8 colors), and rarity (there's 4 types of rarity). Not to mention only some of these need to be in sleeves.  Aaron spends about 8-10 hours+ a day on this- no joke.

Tedious?  Yes.  Murder on my wrists?  Absolutely.  Insanity?  You bet.

But after four weeks we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We wouldn't have done this if it wasn't worth the time and effort.  These cards are worth a small fortune and we have the market cornered since no one else on this side of the state has the set up we do.  Customers want to drop $$$ on them and have hounded us every day since we moved te cards home.  It's a pretty big deal.

Aaron feels like he has hardly seen his son, and my tindinitus is flaring up hard core, and we're both totally stressed out and frustrated about it.  But it's worth it.  Once we are done we can switch our focus home and just exist with our baby.  I cannot wait!

Eve C said...

That looks like so much work! It's horrible that you don't get much rest time with baby Dean. His smile is so adorable & he looks like he's grown so much already.

Meg @ Life, Love and The Webers said...

That is an insane amount of cards lady!! Hope you get a much needed break soon and some time to enjoy that precious boy of yours!

Chandra said...

That faaaace.. so sweet!! Sounds like a long 4 weeks!

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