Wrestlemania 30

Pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but we're big wrestling fans.  Big fans!  So big we actually closed our store yesterday because it was Wrestlemania 30. Woooooo!

There are some spoilers (but I'm leaving out big details) do if you care about the show and haven't watched it you've wen warned. :3

Some people make a big deal about the Super Bowl. We don't.  Nope, we make a big deal out of Wrestlemania.  We had a huge snack spread, I baked a cake, and we got the belts out~~~~

Aaron and I shared the World Heavyweight Championship and Dean was sporting the World Babyweight Championship I knitted him.

Aren't they a handsome pair?!?!

The party started at 2pm when the rediculous(ly awesome) two hour pre-show started on the WWE Network.  This payperview was slated to be pretty epic and we knew there was excitement in store for the preshow.  It didn't dissapoint as one of our fave wrestlers had the first of his two "Wrestlemania Moments".

The actual show itself was bookened by our hometown hero, Daniel Bryan (who is from north western Washington), kicking butt.  He's spent the last year fighting for the top spot in the company with all his attempts being thwarted.  The payoff was incredible!

There was also a HUGE upset with a long time wrestler that left us and the 80,000+ people at the venue speechless.  Not neccesarily in a bad way for us, but it left us scratching our heads.

Overall, Wrestlemania 30 was the best Wrestlemania we've seen since we started watching in 2008.  d^_____^b

Did anyone else watch it?  <3

Holly said...

Best thing I have ever seen. Ever. All sorts of adorable. Love you guys!!!

Crissy (Dainty Fawn) said...

I didn't watch it and regret it so bad! I heard all about it over Twitter.

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