Getting Organized

don't know about you but I always seem to be busy.  Either busy with work or busy with the baby.  Always busy.  My mind can hardly keep things straight and I often find myself surprised what day it is.

With business at the store booming and Dean becoming more active, I need to get a grip on things.  After doing a ton  research as to how I want to get organized, I landed on a Filofax style planner.  I got the idea initially from Skye at Even Artichockes Have Hearts.

This is a Day-Timer brand organizer I picked up at Office Depot for $18.99.  Filofax brand planners average about $40-$60 so I went cheap just in case I didn't/couldn't stay with it.  Since I am sticking with it, and enjoying it a lot, I wanted to share with you what I've done so far.

In the left hand pockets I have some random notes I need to keep with me.  The left side is some pens for color coding and some flags from Target's Dollar Spot.

This is my "dashboard" with a pocket I made with lyrics to one of our all time favorite songs "The Past Is A Grotesque Animal" by of Montreal.

I found this neat little savings plan online~ each week for a week you set a side a little bit of money- first week is $1, second week is $2, third week $3, and so on for 52 weeks and by the end of the year you have something like $1800 saved up.  That's pretty impressive and easy.

I found this printable online and colored it with markers I found at Target.  Behind it are to-do lists with various themes for me to use as I need them.

The month on two pages.  I used the pink pen for bills and yellow for personal things.  I'll be adding work events in black ink later.

This was a hard picture to take because of the different layers.  It's the week on two pages with a to-do list in the middle. The clear bookmark has a cute binder clip with a bow on it.

After the calendar sections I made mi i sections for other important things I'd like to keep track of: Dean, knitting projectd and ideas, blog ideas, the store, bento ideas, and our wrestling fantasy league.

In the very back is a notepad for everything else.

So far I have used my planner every day for the past few weeks and I keep addig things and tweaking the setup as I figure out what works for me.  Getting this set up and going has been a lot of fun, which is helping me stick with it.  I can see how people get REALLY into decorating, organizing, and styling their planners.

There are lots of different types, sizes, styles, and brands of planners.  Filofax, Midori, Kate Spade, Day-Timer, Franklin Covey.  Since I'm clicking with the set up I have so far, I'm saving up for a Kate Spade one that zips closed.  It's pretty expensive ($130-ish on Ebay) but the corners of some of my pages are getting bent so I'd like the protection the zipper provides.  Also, I've never owned a designer brand item and I REALLY like this.

What do you do to keep yourself organized?  Do you use a planner?  Do you keep on your important info on your phone?  Do you have a favorite organizing tip or trick?  Let me know! <3

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