Basket of Organizing Goodies

"Back to school" sales are my favorite types sales.  Stores line their shelves with colorful and fun school and organization supplies.  I'm a sucker for them.  Target is especially awesome (but brutal for my bank account) thanks to their awesome Dollar Spot.  It's a rare occassion I leave Target without a handful of items from there.

Today Dean and I had a little shopping date so Aaron could nap since he wasn't feeling well.  Dean helped me pick up a basket full of goodies.  Most of it is for my planner and keeping all that stuff organized.  Now I can keep it all together in one nice spot instead of the bags I've been using.

The pouch, rulers, and pencils I got in Japan, and the mini pens I got at Target.

Various ink pads, stamps, and paperclips.

Clips, pads of paper, and washi tape.

A one-hole punch and a six-hole punch I ordered on Amazon.

Some good old Smashbook accessories.

L o v e  the notecard sets Target has been selling this year.  I used them for for my baby shower and a few other special occasions.  They're perfect for all of the reasons so of course I picked up all the new sets Target had.

Are you a sucker like me for Target and it's Dollar Spot items? <3

skye said...

Oh man, I would LOVE to be let loose in Target! If I ever cross the pond it'll be at the top of my list, so many goodies!! Hope you're enjoying the organised filofax life! xx

Chandra said...

That is the CUTEST pencil pouch! You seem to get some pretty rad stuff whenever you guys go over there :) I love how organized you keep your things :)

Eleanor Barton said...

It sucks living in the UK because we do not have Target :( I am constantly seeing blog posts and Youtube videos with gorgeous Target stationary and it makes me jealous! Beautiful stationary and beautiful blog :) X

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