One Last Time

Tomorrow my baby boy turns four months old! How crazy is that?! Oh man, it's hard to fathom just how much has happened since he was born. The time has flown by and dragged on slowly at the same time. Life has been constantly changing.

One big change for us is that I've decided to stop nursing. It was a pretty big deal to me (tears were involved) but I've decided it's just what is best for us. Dean is used to a bottle since he's babysat while Aaron and I are at work. Nursing is a very special thing for me, and I'm sad to see that part of my bonding time with my baby go. I'll still have bonding time feeding him bottles, but it's different. Very different. I honestly didn't think nursing would be such a big deal to me. I am mostly going to miss the view:

This face. It makes my heart melt. I never want to forget this time I had with my baby.

Sarah Grace said...

Cutest face ever!!

KnittedFox said...

Thanks! He does have the most precious little grin. :3

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