Road Trip Tally v1

Do you play any car games while you're on road trips?  Counting "slug bugs" or spotting trains for instance.  My family was really big on car games as we took lots of road trips gowing up.  It was a mixed blessin for my parents, I think, beause it kept us busy and free of arguments, but we'd call out just about everything unique we saw.

Now that I'm grow up Aaron and I have our own car games we play.  We slug each other for slug bugs, throw up a "peace sign" for Volvo's (cuz it makes a V with your fingers), double fist slug for Mini Coopers (and call them in a silly voice saying "mini coooooooop"), and push up our glasses for Smart Cars.  (There are variations of this for the driver for safety.)

We live out in an area that's mostly desert and farmland so there's a ton of wildlife that I enjoy counting.  "Big birds" like bald eagles, hawks, and ospray.  Animals like marmots, sheep, goats, deer, and elk.  And the most exciting of all (if you're me) military vehicles- jeeps, armored vehicles, medical trucks, double helicopters, and jets.  Oh!  And windmills (pronounce windmeels, if you're me ;D).

For as long as I've had this blog I thought about writing down a tally of all the cool things I saw, but never did because I thought people would think I'm silly. Well I don't mind if people find I'm silly, and I count things every trip so it's kinda a big deal to me.

So this last weekend we went to Boise for a wedding, and I counted a lot of fun things!

• 1 bajillion Volvos (I stopped counting in the first hour cuz there were so many) (for this reason we just stopped counting vehicles all together)
• 16 big birds
• 2 herds of goats
• 1 herd of sheep
• 1 herd of just bulls
• 4 military vehicles (including one very small convoy)
• 3 trains
• 3 pockets of windmills

There, I did it!  That wasn't painful at all and you'll prbably not stop reading my blog because of this post. Right?! >.<;;

What car games do you play on road trips?
Jess said...

I live on the east coast, so the only wildlife are those little wood moles? I can't remember what they are called. I'll think of it later! But I could count Volvo's, 'cause it's alll traffic on the interstate. I don't know if I've seen a real life windmill before??

KnittedFox said...

Volvo's are pretty easy to spot sonce they have a slash across the grill of all of their vehicles. You can actually see it from pretty far away (which can give you a hige advantage lol!)

Becky Pool said...

So fun! I don't count, but I do holler whenever I see fun animals ^_^ We drive out to the Hill Country a lot and I never get tired of yelling at goats and longhorns haha!

On really long trips, Andy and I play the letter game. The one where each persons alternates letters of the alphabet and you have to call them out in road signs. If there's not a lot of signs we'll count license plates, too haha! It's silly, but it's so fun!

KnittedFox said...

Ooh the letter game is fun too. I forgot about that one! sisters and I played that one a lot. One version we played was each person had to find letters alphabetically and the first one to Z won.

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