A Thankful Heart

First off, Dean is teething.  Yay!!



It's hard because he's been so chill that when he cries and cries now I kinda panic.  It's just him teething though so I know he's ok.  But still.. It's hard.  He ended up sleeping pretty much ALL DAY, hence him still bein in pj's at 4:00 in the afternoon.

The only reason we were even out of the house was because our car has been having some weird problems.  Our car doesn't start (but we have a perfectly good battery, which I've had checked) and the fan/a.c./heater works sporadically.  We are a one car family so Dean and I took the car to get looked at while Aaron was at work.

Our dealership was pretty vague about what they could do for us, so I called a local service shop that my father in law recommeded, Hi-Land Garage.  The guy on the phone was super nice and said that if I stopped by today he'd take a look at it to give me an idea of what needs to be done.

I guess I took too long getting there because the guy I talked to wasn't there. But the guy who was there offered to look at it too.  Charlie and his high school age assistant (who commented on how cute Dean was) pulled my car up in front of their busy garage and popped the hood.

Immediately he saw the problem.  One of the cables that connects to my battery was hardly connected.  (Thank God it stayed connected while we were driving!)  I guess it was worn out/coroded so he snipped it off and completely replaced it. The he went under the dash and noticed that the blower for our air is on it's last leg.  He did a temporary fix but told me I need to have it totally replace before winter.

All the while this was happening Dean was being cute and I was taking pictures of him.  Charlie joked and said I should put one of their business cards in with him.  I took a picture of their building instead, lol!

Then he closed the hood and said I was good to go.  When I asked him how much I owed him (he worked on my car for almost a half hour), he said I didn't owe him anything.  Just that when it comes to getting that blower replaced I come back and get it done through them.  I was taken aback.  Every bay in the garage was full, their parking lot was full.  He took tome away from someone else's car to help me.  He didn't have o do that.  Let alone not charge me for his time.

I am so greatfull that Charlie (and his assistant) were so nice to us and really helped us out.  (Especially when the dealership said they charge $88/hour for diagnosing cars!)  I will absolutley be being my car into them this fall when we replace the blower.

Right before I left, I told Charlie that I took that picture of Dean and posted it on Instagram pimping their garage.  He was surprised and excited.  I could tell he didn't expect that.  It's not a big deal or anything but it seemed to matter to him.

Tomorrow I'll be writing a thank you card to them.  Being a mechanic seems like a thankless job and these guys were pretty awesome and deserve to be recognized for it.  If I can't give them money, I want to at least give them something. *^_^*b 

*Yawn* But that will be tomorrow.  I'm too tired to do it tonight.  Hope you all had a good Friday and have a great weekend.   Are you doing anything super fun?  <3

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