Quiet Time

It's been said that the first two months of a babies life is the hardest for the parents.  We have been so blessed with our baby boy and this wasn't the case for us.  The past two months, however, have been a challenge.

Working full time, trying to keep a breastfeeding & pumping schedule, general stress, hormones, and PPD have weighed down on me pretty heavy.  Impatience, frustration, mixed signals were running rampant.  After some long talks, tears, hugs and kisses We have straightened out pretty much all of the wrinkles that have been givin us problems.  It feels great!

Having such a solid partner in this wild new world of parenting eases and comforts my heart.  I can look past the troubles and see peace.  Peace in my heart knowing that I am exactly where I want to be and where I'm meant to be.  I am at peace knowing that despite the challenges life has thrown at us, this house is full of love, and we can overcome anything.

It makes me all warm inside.  Just so nice and cozy.  So much so, I think I'll join my guys in a little shut eye.  Here's to a peaceful (and restful) nap.  <3

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