13 Things I'm Happy About

It's Monday, and it's such a good day. Why's that? No reason in particular, other than because I said so. Which is a pretty darn good reason in my opinion. Why NOT have a good Monday?! There's so many things to be happy about! That's why I decided to blog about what makes me happy today.

Are you ready?

1. I get to wake up and spend every day with this guy

2. My new mousse and curling iron make getting ready in the morning so much faster and easier.
3. I can't wait to work more on this bolero. Have absolutely no idea what I'm going to wear with it, but I really can't wait to wear it!
4. Before I started that I knitted myself a new beanie (shown below).

5. Hazelnut Macchiatos are back on the menu at Starbucks. It's easily the best tasting soy latte you can get!
6. I sent out little packages to both my little sisters, and to a friend who's currently living in Japan.
7. These are the hats I knitted for Matt. They're so bright and happy! They're for his all time fave group AKB48, which is also a group Aaron and I enjoy a ton. The group is made up of 48 girls and then into 4 teams. I made him a hat for each team.

8. I just hit third trimester and I'm feeling great! And I feel like I look great. My body is still foreign and weird and I'm not 100% used to it (at all) but I can say I'm not unhappy when I see my reflection. #selflove!!

9. My little guy was kicking my side while I was taking those pictures. I love how he's been so active lately! He's been a little boxing fiend the past few days. He's growing a lot right now and it's just so great!
10. Rinoa has been hanging out a lot with me lately while I'm on the couch, and I can't wait to come home tonight and snuggle with her. (I have no idea what she was glaring at in this pic but I looked up from knitting and saw her like this so I just HAD to snap a picture lol!)

11. Every time we go to Atomic Ale for dinner they make me an extra special hot chocolate. They're so nice!

12. Excited for a double date on Friday (probably to Atomic) so I have good company and yummy hot chocolate to look forward too.
13. Going to work is something I get to do, as opposed to have to do. I'm so lucky to be doing what I want for a living. It makes every day I work that much easier and more fun.

What are you happy about today? Let me know!! ♥
procrastinatingrachel said...

Such a lovely post! I love the extra special hot chocolate and third trimester looks good on you!


Victoria-Lynn Winning said...

Love your post! And thank you so much for mentioning the hazelnut macchiatos, I knew there was a Starbucks drink I got semi-addicted to last year and couldn't remember what it was. Have a fantastic day!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

you are so cute. you live such a full, creative life - so inspiring, my friend!

Sylvia said...

Glad you had such an awesome day! I'm really happy about my violin at the moment. I only just started playing again. It sounds dreadful at the moment but it feels great.

Also, the great british bakeoff has new shows out and they are just awesome. So much fun.


hilde said...

What an awesome post! That bolero is goregous, I think i might attempt that once I'm done with my current project. Also, you look amazing, even with your "foreign and weird" body! :)

Hima Rajana said...

Yum, those macchiatos sound amazing! Girl, I don't know how you have time to style your hair in the morning! I'm always trying to pat it down in 3 minutes before I fly out the door.
Also, wanted to let you know that you have captcha verification turned on, which makes leaving comments hard because we have to type out words/numbers we can barely read to "prove we're not robots." Just a heads up- you can Google how to turn it off!

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