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First off, before I get to knitting, did I ever tell you that I wanted a nickname for my baby? I do. It might be silly, but I have this strong desire to have a little pet name for my little guy that only I (and Aaron if he wants) call him. I don't know, I just feel like having a cute little name that I refer to him as while I'm snuggling with him, playing with him, or even just blogging about him. After a ton of debating with myself, I finally thought of something I like.

He's my "little cub".

That being said, I cannot wait to start knitting for my little cub! Think. of. all. the. cute. little. things. he. can. wear! So to be able to buy all the yarn I need for these projects, I'm currently trying to work my way through my current stash (of all girly colored yarn) and am making things for my nieces.

Matching cardigans for both girls.

More slippers for my sister's youngest

And for myself, I'm still working on that shrug.

Soon though, I'll be out shopping for yarn for him and I'll be posting billions of pics of the cute things I make him. I'll do my best to hurry so you can see them. *^_^*
Cody said...

Aw, cute! I'm sure the little one will love all the stuff his mommy makes for him :)

Also, I love that yellow color!

Crissy said...

Aww that nickname is so adorable! I would totally do the same haha.

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