I was always a very sentimental kid. All my toys and other possessions had feelings and I took special care not to hurt any of them. Garage sales always made me sad because I had to say good bye to parts of me. Even if these things were items from the frontroom or kitchen. Little me would think "I remember watching my favorite movies on that couch" or "I helped Mom make tons of cookies and cakes from that bowl". Every aspect of my life meant something to me, and my attachment to it was strong. Fast forward a few decades, I'm still pretty sentimental. Definitely not to the extent I once was, but I do have a tendency to get sad when I take things to Goodwill and get super ecstatic when I find cassette tapes or vinyls of albums I used to listen to with my parents.

Nesting has hit me and Aaron pretty hard, and we've spend the last week or so slowly going through our place and purging all completely unnecessary stuff. (I say completely unnecessary because there's plenty of things we cannot get rid of because we're so attached we can't get rid of it.) We've been able to make a lot of room for all the baby stuff we have and will be getting in the next few months which feels awesome. Aaron took some time off of work a few times this week to clean house and put together the baby baby and changing table. He even rearranged our entire bedroom by himself to make room for them. (I'm such a lucky lady to have a guy who will take off from work to vacuum, wash dishes, and get our place ready for our baby!) We still have a lot of work to do, but I'm so happy with what we have done so far~

We had a little surprise at our appointment with our midwife this week. She went over our ultrasound with us and everything was great, the only thing that stood out to her was that the hospital estimated Dean's due date was March 19th which is 16 days sooner than his original due date. Apparently guessing due dates after 20 weeks is like a shot in the dark, and since our ultrasound was at 22 weeks, our midwife isn't worried at all. She's not changing our plans, because since we're doing a natural birth, Dean will come whenever he comes so a estimated due date is just that~ estimated. This is what probably put us into high gear nesting mode. The thought of meeting our little baby two weeks sooner than we anticipated is exciting!

I'm not in a rush to get this baby out of me though, in fact, I want him to take his time, and grow, and come when he's ready. I'll suck it up if I have to because it's best for him. And let me tell you, he is g r o w i n g! Yesterday at Fred Meyers this nice grandma asked me how many days until I'm due, and my father in law accused me (jokingly) of stealing his basketballs under my jacket. I must be getting really big! I mean I totally feel big, but I must really be looking it now. It makes sense since I can feel practically every little move Dean makes, he hasn't dropped at all, and I'm eating like a hobbit. Breakfast, second breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, supper, elevensies...

Anyways, this baby of mine is something new and exciting and I can't wait until he gets hold enough for me to share some of my favorite old things with him. Things like toys I bought him that were the same Fisher Price toys I had when I was little, hand me down blankets and stuff animals that were mine and my Dad's, and movies that watched over and over when I was young. There are quite a few movies that I connected with when I was younger and never could get rid of or have gone out of my way to find new copies of. A few examples are these:

Sure, it's going to be a few years before these will be relevant to Dean, but in the mean time this pile of movies makes me so gosh darn happy! There's a few titles I still want to get my hands on, but there's plenty of time. A few key titles that I'm excited to own are Sleeping Beauty, Newsies, 101 Dalmations, The Parent Trap, Babar the Movie, and King George and the Ducky. To be honest though, all the titles there are great and I'm sure Dean will enjoy them just as much as I did.

One of the next little bits of nostalgia I want to collect are the "Little Golden Books". Luckily a bunch of the ones I read in the past have been reprinted so not all of them ones I want to find will be super hard to find. They even made one for Disney's Frozen which I'm now determined to buy next time I go to Safeway.

Is there anything in particular about your youth that you are super nostalgic and super sentimental about?

O wow, what a collection! And don't get me started about nostalgia lol. Enid Blyton school stories? Nancy Drew? Sesame Street back when Mr Hooper was still alive?


O wow, what a collection! And don't get me started about nostalgia lol. Enid Blyton school stories? Nancy Drew? Sesame Street back when Mr Hooper was still alive?

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