RadCon - Our First Convention

Valentine's Day weekend was RadCon, the local SciFi/Fantasy convention that takes place every year, and our store Sunken Treasures Games made it's vendor debut there. Having never done a show before, we had no idea what to expect, but figured at the very least the exposure would be good. RadCon exceeded all of our expectations and plan on being a vendor there from now on.

Now the cool thing about this show was that the hotel it takes place at sections off an entire wing of hotel rooms that vendors can rent and use as a store front. When we first heard this I was weirded out and turned off to the idea because it sounds really creepy. But once I talked to some other local business owners who are vendors each year, told us that the hotel takes out all the beds and furniture so we can use the room however we want, and showed us pictures, we decided to do it. The biggest pro for us was that we could pick our own hours; we could open early and stay open late if we wanted, and when we were done we just closed the hotel room door and that was that. Our merchandise couldn't be more secure.

Aaron did all of the hard work putting the "store" together. We were clueless as to what merchandise would be best so we brought a little bit of everything. Here's a video I took the first morning we were open:

I should have taken the video horizontal, I know, but oh well.

It was a crazy, fun, stressful, tiring, great weekend and we are excited to participate at RadCon again next year. Now we have a better idea of what to expect and how to handle certain things. Next year will be even more fun!

Have you ever been to a "con" before? PAX? ComicCon? What is your favorite part about the vendors there? What do you think about setting up shop in a hotel room?
Eve C said...

that looks exciting & fun!!

Eve C said...
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