It seems like such a simple statement~ be confident. Like it's something that should come as easy to us as breathing. To some people it may be, but for most I imagine, it's more of a struggle. Maybe it's not a struggle, maybe it's not just as easy. Or maybe it's more than a struggle, it's an uphill battle. Regardless of where you feel you may fit in there, self confidence is a process, not a destination.

Let me say that again~ self confidence is a process, not a destination.

There will always be good days and bad days. There will always be people who like you and those who don't. There will always be *something* that can keep you from feeling your absolute, beautiful, lovely best. But remember there is no finish line~ there is no end of day ruling that says "ok you've filled your confidence quota, you are now free to live the rest of your life fully confident in yourself, your beauty, your abilities, etc". No, there's not. There is only you and the choices you make for yourself.

Will you choose to do what makes you happy? Will you choose to withhold happiness from yourself because of what someone else thinks or says? Will you choose to allow yourself to be ruled by what others tell you about yourself, or what you think they may think about you? Will you choose to not give those dumb people another moment of your time?

What is your answer? I know mine. Even though I have the answer that doesn't mean it's an easy one to make happen. That's why being confident is a process. It will take time to get comfortable with yourself enough to allow change to happen to become more confident. Change to allow yourself to be you, to do nothing but stay home in pj's and watch all of the silly shows, to post lots selfies, to just be still and do nothing but be yourself, to break out of whatever routines/lifestyles that are holding on to you. You can make that change!

How do you start this process? I think for everyone it's different. For me, it's being beating over the head again and again with words from ladies like Gina, Stephanie Marie, Amy Morby (who's self-love blog doesn't exist anymore, sadly), and Lucy who's video I've posted on just about every social media site I'm on today. Their words touch me in a way that pushes me forward more than just sitting here thinking and typing about it. Maybe their words can touch you too.

I hope that if you are feeling not very confident about yourself, or start to feel down on yourself, you can find inspiration from any one of these ladies to remind you you are beautiful, wonderful, perfect, and an important part of this world. At the very least, please check out this little video of Lucy's.

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much for this lovely post of encouragement! I just take it one day at a time and confidence will come. :)


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