Etsy Sale!

C o l d. It has been so cold here! We got our first "good packing snow" snow last night and it is just COLD!

So in celebration of the snow, and to get things warmed up, I thought I'd do a sale on my Etsy shop~ TheFoxShop.

So until Monday, all the items in my shop are 20% off with the code. Use it my friends!! *^______________^*

Ooh, I'm off to check it out! Not that we could use your lovely knits here in 35 degree weather, but I'm thinking of our next holiday in London! or Paris! or Norway! lol :)

Love Sparkle Pretty said...

Hello little lady!! I may have to snag one of your super cute pieces!! :)
BTW, yes, you are still a no-reply blogger. :( I think this site can help:

Did you enter the giveaway? I absolutely LOVE her bow ties and baby items. She's amazing!!

Hope everything is well and your little bun is cooking well in that oven. ;)

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