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My closet is starting to shrink again. The number of shirts that I feel comfortable wearing is getting smaller and I am starting to worry about stretching them out. I took some time yesterday separating what fits and what doesn't fit and was happy to see that my Baroness shirt still fit.

It has been a while since I wore it. About 6 months in fact! Look at the difference between the times:

6 months ago

Time has been such a weird thing since becoming pregnant. It's so different. It seems like it passes by in foreign increments~ weeks and months instead of days and weeks. I don't know if that makes much sense but that's how it seems to me.

One thing that's really making it odd, is Baby Dean's due date. Math says it's 4/4/14 and then the ultrasound says 3/19/14. There's only a few weeks difference between the two which makes planning certain things out difficult. Well, maybe not difficult as so much now we have to make more tentative plans instead of solid plans.

Our midwife is still aiming for 4/4 so according to her time table nothing has changed. We're going by her and not the ultrasound, but there's still that little nagging in the back of ours minds... what if he comes way early!? This Saturday we have our birthing class so I figure once I have that under my belt I won't worry about when he comes. This kid is going to come whenever he wants so I'm not going stress a thing.

What about you? How is time for you? Has this year flown by too quickly? (It's basically March already!) Or is time passing by like normal for you?
CheezyB said...


I'm so pumped!

Also, that's a great before/after with the Baroness shirt. You can see the logo so much better when you're pregnant. The band probably appreciates the high visibility!


Pamela said...

Just as I was getting used to writing "2014" we're almost a third of the way through it! How did that happen? Like CheezyB said, that top looks great on you and I'm cheering you on from the sidelines!

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