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One of the blogs I've been reading a lot lately is the Makeup and Beauty Blog. Karen posts reviews of tons of different beauty products (the majority of which are way out of my price range) but between those posts, she writes about her cute cat, Tabs, and these fun poles about random things. It's a great way to talk about a variety of topics, letting her readers get to know her a bit more, and she encourages her readers to answer the pole questions in her comments section. I think it's a really great and engaging way to blog.

So I thought I would do a little blog pole of my own and see how I like it. Using her poles as an example, I wrote down many many many questions I thought would be fun to write about. Some are beauty related, others are just random life questions. Let me know what you think, and if you want to, answer the questions in the comments section~ I'd love to get to know my readers more. *^_^*'

1.) What do you like to listen to while you’re driving? Upbeat and fun music that I can sing to is my absolute favorite. If Aaron is in the car, he dj's with the ipod and it's always great music.

2.) Flip-flops or flats? Flats and more preferably Toms. I just ordered a new pair of Toms this morning because they are just so comfy and wearable. Aaron had to have an intervention with me over a pair of Toms because I wore them so much they were ratty and in pieces and really did need to go. What can I say, I really like my Toms! Hehe!

3.) What’s one of your mottos? "Tape it and go." My dad was a green beret in the Army and that was one thing we heard a lot growing up. By no means was he tough on us, because he wasn't at all, but it was something that helped us keep things in perspective and do what we needed to do. I'm sure my kids will be hearing it a lot!

4.) What’s the first thing you did when you woke up this morning? Rolled over and curled up with Aaron. I'm such a snuggler. *^_^*

5.) What book are you reading at the moment? Howl's Moving Castle. My friend Mal is letting me borrow it~ yay for fellow bookworms! I've read over 150 pages in the last three days.

6.) What’s something you aren’t very good at but enjoy doing anyway? Singing out loud. I do it everyone in a while at the store when the right song comes on the ipod. The singing is typically paired with some dancing.

7.) Favorite comic strip? I've been reading Questionable Content for something like 8 years or something now. It's the only comic I read.

8.) What's the weather like outside right now? The wind is howling like crazy, and has been since Aaron left for work today. At least, I don't recall hearing the wind at all before he left.

9.) Ketchup or mustard? Both. 40% ketchup and 60% mustard. Mmm!

10.) How often do you curl your lashes? Never. I'm rough enough on my lashes as it is, trying to get all the mascara and eyeliner off my eyes, I couldn't add that on top. That, and I think it's kinda a silly thing to do anyways.
The Grits Blog said...

Hey!! I love doing these kind of things!!

Okay here are my answers:

(1) Ke$ha!
(2) Flats
(3) Will it matter in 1 year? No, then move on.
(4) Brush my nast-ay teeth.
(5) Game of Thrones book 2
(6) Painting
(7) .......I don't read comics :(
(8) Raining and cold
(9) BOTH!!!!!!!!
(10) ERRRYYY day!

Jennie said...

1. Christian Music. I got two little ones in the car and want to make sure everything is clean haha!
2. flip flops!!
3. If its free, its for me!
4. Brush my teeth! I have to do it asap! I cant stand to wait any time!
5. A Praying parent
6. Singing for sure! Luckily my boys LOVE to hear me sing but I wouldn't sing around anyone else haha!!
7. baby blues
8. Windy!
9. Ketchup
10. I used to do it like everyday! Oh life before kids! Now, never haha!

this was fun!
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