My Baby Bump Part 2

My first update about my growing baby bump was three months ago. I can hardly believe it! That was so long ago! I've grown so much since then. Dean is making sure I feel every move of his now, haha!

Week 18

Week 20

Week 22

Week 24

Week 26

Week 28

Week 29 ~ This week

Jeez, I sure do wear a lot of blue, gray, and black. Oh well, haha! This whole pregnancy I've made it a point to not give in to any laziness as far as my appearance goes. Well, I did give in to leggings and a hoodie at work once, and I haven't shaved in a few days, but other than that I've made sure to make myself a priority. Just because my body is going crazy making a baby, that doesn't mean I can't still take pride in myself. I'm worth it! (I'm also the face of my store so I need to be presentable) d^_^b
Hima Rajana said...

I feel like I will live in leggings and hoodies when I'm pregnant. Props to you for not giving in- i love seeing your outfit collages on Instagram.

xo, Hima
Hima Hearts

Crissy said...

You are so adorable!! :D

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

these pictures make me so happy for you, sarah! love seeing this little bump grow!

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