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Hey everyone and happy Friday! Hope everyone is ready for a great first weekend of the year. I am~ wooo!!

Over the last year I found tons projects and people that inspire me so much I just have to share it you all! One of my goals for 2014 is to share with you more often all the things like blogs, music, tutorials, crafty ideas, fashion-y ideas, food stuffs, and everything in between that inspire me.

Today I want to start off with some awesome bloggers that kept me coming back for more over the course of last year. Their hearts, passion, faith, desire, and drive are nothing short of awesome. The way they write their blogs is endearing and inviting~ it's something I strive for and really want to learn how to do with my blog. These gals all have a fun and happy space on the internet and I want you all to see it. :D

Without further adieu, here they are~


Contemplating Beauty

What I love about this blog is Gina's self-reflection and courage to face every day fighting. Her kind words always seem to speak to me and her wisdom I take right to my heart. She is madly in love with her family and you can just feel it by reading her writing. She gives encouragement and advice, and embodies grace and kindness. Every time I'm on her blog I feel like I just plopped down on her couch with a blanket and a cup of coffee and made myself at home.


Lovely Little Whimsy

Carina's blog is full of pictures of her family of 7, faith, food, and fun. She just recently welcomed their fifth baby into the world and so she's full of little tidbits, thoughts, and ideas of being a parent. Her grounded look on love, family, and balancing life is something that I look up to and want to emulate when I become a mom.


Love Sparkle Pretty

Kayla's blog is full of beautiful items she makes for her shop, as well as DIY's, blogging/photography tips, and her thoughts about life. Sometimes I take blogging way too seriously and her blog reminds me to relax, keep my goal in mind, and carry on. I always leave her blog with a smile and determination.

cute 'N' roll

Cute 'N' Roll is an Italian blog full of super cute outfits, adorable little dogs, and make up reviews. Alice's outfits are fun and playful, and so many of them I want to try and replicate once the weather gets warmer. Her hair style is gorgeous, which I just love it and must learn how to do it!


Even Artichokes Have Hearts

I keep coming back to this blog for the sewing and gluten-free baking DIY's. Her sewing style is fun but simple, creative but not intimidating. And her baking tutorials are delicious! These Easy Peasy Biscuits do me in every time. And I am pining over the stamps for these cookies she made. Who would have thought of stamps on cookies? Gah I love this blog!


Much Love Illy

This daily fashion blog I found a few years ago while knitting blog hopping. Illy was modeling a cowl she received from a gal and it was then and there I was 100% sold on cowls. Illy's easy style, friendly smile, and overall cuteness made her blog such a fun and inspiring place to return to regularly. The way she shares so much of herself on her blog makes it easy to feel like you're friends ready to go on a coffee date, or go watch movies together in pj's. Her blog encapsulates FUN and that inspires me so much to make my blog a fun place also.


The Marvelous Flight of Cara

Cara's enthusiasm and gung-ho attitude in her writing is infectious and I love it. I feel like each time she sits down to write a blog she just dives right in with all the of joy and happiness in her body. You can tell there's a fire burning inside her and it's just bursting to get out. I absolutely love it. It's inspiring and just makes me love blogs and blogging that much more.


Hima Hearts

Hima Hearts is a cute little blog I found through blog hopping before the holidays. Hima is nothing but smiles in every blog post~ whether it's holiday related or school finals. She seems to do everything wholeheartedly and with this beautiful smile on her face. She was inspired to blog after reading The Happiness Project and so she fills with things that make her happy. Hima Heart's is a joy to read and I look forward to reading more throughout 2014!


Definitely take a second or two to check these gal's blogs out~ you won't be disappointed. What blog(s) were your favorite last year? Are there any that you would recommend I check out? ♥
ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh, my goodness. you are the absolute sweetest, friend! thanks for the kind words. :) i totally wish we could have a coffee date or watch a movie in our PJs together. we could even wear cowls for the heck of it!

happy new year!!!!

Sylvia said...

There really are some great blogs on this list! I particularly like "Contemplating beauty" and "Hima hearths", thanks for pointing them out. :)


cuteNroll said...

oh my god! Thank you sweetie!
i wish you happy new year... I'm late I know as always XD
a lot of hugs!

Love Sparkle Pretty said...

You are amazing my dear! Thank you so much for your kind words and always leaving the best comments on my posts.
I wish you a wonderful new year (this one may be the best, new momma)! :)
I am also loving your sweet little crochet bows in your shop. You have talent my friend!!


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