I have a crush on 2015

There is something about the idea of 2015 that gives me butterflies in my tummy. Makes my heart flutter. Dean will turn one, Aaron and I will celebrate 14 years together, our store will turn 4, we're going to visit my sister and her family. I will grow even more as a person, mother, wife, daughter, and sister. It's nothing but exciting! 2014 has come and gone, along with it's ups and downs, frustrations and celebrations, partings and introductions. I look forward to every single thing 2015 has in store for me and my family.

It's been so long since I've posted on here. I just didn't know what to write. Would anyone care to read what I wrote? What was my goal with this blog? I didn't know anymore. Not really sure I do right now. Regardless, I'm here to try to figure it out. Or at least, I'm here to get my blog juices flowing. Or something, haha!

Right now I have to admit it's pretty hard to blog or even think where the little one is jumping up and down at the end of the couch right next to me whining. Maybe I'll just call it good for now. That'll give me a good excuse to come back at write more. <3
Eve said...

Happy new year! I got your package thanks so much for all the lovely items.
It doesn't matter your goal for this blog is, it just matter that it's your blog.
Keep writing :) About you, Dean, baking, work, everything! Post photos. It'll always been fun to look back at them someday at all those moments in life.

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