What's In My Bag?

Purses have always been a weakness for me. Chunky handbags, chic clutches, sleek cross body bags... I love them all. Over the course of the last decade or so I have collected so many different purses. Some gals collected shoes, I collected bags. One type of bag that I kept coming back was the cross body. I love having my hands and arms free, and not having to worry about my stuff.

I've always been on the look out for the perfect purse. Currently I have the perfect clutch, tote bag, mini travel purse, and special occasion purse. The special occasion purse is actually the perfect purse ever made, but since having Dean I've been hard on it and I don't want to ruin it, so it's now the special occasion purse instead of my every day purse. The purse I am using right now is one I found on a whim at Target a week ago. It was in the clearance section with no price tag on it, and it was the only one. So of course I grabbed it and bought it. And I love it. It's big enough for my essentials and little more but not too big it gets in my way getting in and out of the car, and carrying Dean around.

My essentials:
1| Kate Spade planner. 2| diary. 3| binky wipes.
4| mini pouch- anti nausea wrist bands, military coin from my Dad's Green Beret unit,
and good luck charm form my Mom, a little key that says "compassion".
5| my favorite lip gloss and lip balm. 6| coffee cup cozy. 7| tissues. 8| wallet.

Funny little story about this military coin. My sisters and I all received one on the day my dad retired from the Army. I was a senior in high school at the time. After the ceremony my dad told me to walk over to where a bunch of the "younger" guys in my dad's unit were chatting (and by younger, I mean younger than my dad- I'm sure the youngest was in his 30's), and drop my coin on to the floor by all of them. Me being me and totally niave, I did just that and I looked up at them and smiled big like I was in on something cool, not knowing I really was a butt of a (playful) joke. All the guys looked shocked and slightly embarrassed, looked from me to my Dad and just started laughing. Hard. Quickly I realized this wasn't just a cute thing I did. I had essentially just told them they were all buying me drinks. It's a thing in the Army, I guess, that in a group of people whoever drops their coin last buys drinks. So I had initiated something that I wasn't even able to do and with all the dudes who worked under my dad. Hahaha, I was so embarrassed at the time but I look back on it fondly now. It really was funny!

1| Sailor Moon keychains. 2| Sailor Moon pocket watch.

Anyways, that's all that's currently in my purse. I have a feeling pretty soon here I'll be dropping the diaper bag and adding a few of Dean's necessities in there as well.

Do you have have anything special you carry around in your purse?
Eve C said...

This is a fun post to make! I should make one sometime. The Sailor Moon pocket watch is so cute!

Love Sparkle Pretty said...

Love your bag! When I go through mine now, I can find random things (thanks to little levi lol) like a single sock, a few gummy snacks or a toy truck! :D

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