One of my favorite Christmas gifts is this WWE Fit Series: Stephanie McMahon workout video. I'm a cheesy big wrestling fan so when I heard this was being made I just had to have it. Aaron surprised me with it after going on and on about how he couldn't find it. Great surprise is great! It came with a monthly work out guide which Aaron and I have been sticking to so far. We started on the first and my thigh are still a bit sore from that workout!

Flannel - Target | Black tank - RedBubble | White tank - Target | Pants - Target |
Shoes - Amazon | Necklace - Bead'all Bug Beads

Working out has been making me feel pretty good about myself and thought I'd start taking outfit pictures again. (Gotta love those good endorphins!) I went through my closet and got rid of 75% of my wardrobe and paired down to minimum. Now I only have clothes that fit me right now and clothes that will fit me great when I lose weight. No more putting clothes on and then feeling bad about how I look. Everything I own fits me in a way that I'm completely happy with.

Cardi - Old Navy | Black tank - WWE Shop | Red tank - Target | Pants - Target |
Shoes - Target | Necklace - Bead'all Bug Beads

Typically I use PicFrame for my outfit pictures but I recently started dabbling with Petapic and I like it a lot. It has a ton of cute backgrounds and styles which is really fun to play around with. Since the collages are rectangles it won't work for Instagram but I think it'll work perfect for the blog.

Cardi - Forever 21 | White tank - RedBubble | Black tank - Target | Pants - Target |
Shoes - Toms Shoes | Necklace - Bead'all Bug Beads

Right now I'm really liking black and white tanks layered with colored tanks and cardis or flannels. While I've always loved wearing layers, I think seeing all the cute pics of Kkarmalove on her IG account brought it to a whole new level. Since I started following her account I've purchased five or six black and white tanks. To be honest, I really should buy some of her white and black shirts from her shop!

Cardi - Ebay | White tank - Target | Green tank - Target | Infinity scarf - Target
Pants - Target | Shoes - Target

In addition to Kkarmalove, Kayla from Love.Sparkle.Pretty is easily one of the pretties ladies I've ever seen and her style is so effortless looking and elegant. Even when she's dressed casually, it's stunning.

What styles to you like? Is there one type of style that defines how you dress? Are there bloggers who inspire you? If not bloggers, who else inspires your fashion?

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