F--k it We'll Do It Live

Have you seen that video of Bill O'Reily? Hilarious. That was our catch phrase for our trip to Seattle last weekend. It started out as a little joke at the start of the weekend but was meant seriously by the end.

On our trip home back from the Mariner's FanFest we stopped in Issaquah, like we always do, for gas. We had no idea our car would end up staying there. Our little car had no problems driving to and around Seattle. Even as we left town, the car drove just fine. As we were pulling out of the gas station the car wouldn't pop into first gear. Not only would it not pop into first gear, it wouldn't pop into ANY GEAR. Not even reverse. We managed to get it off the road and called road side assistance.

Of course the car would break down across the state, three hours from home, on a Sunday after 5pm when everything, including the towns taxis service, is closed right? I mean, that's just how it goes, ha! So we grabbed our bags, put Dean in the Baby Bjorn, and started walking for the closest hotel.

Two miles and a half hour later, we arrived at a Hilton Garden Inn who took really good care of us. They didn't charge us for a crib for Dean, and their shuttle service took Aaron and Jeffrey to Target to get supplies for the night. Of course the ONE TIME we decide to pack super light Dean covers his clothes in strawberry apple sauce while we're waiting for the tow truck, and peed through all but one of the diapers we brought. So Aaron grabbed clothes, diapers, and baby food for Dean, and food and beer for us, haha! Jeffrey picked up a PS4 so we could watch the Royal Rumble which was that night. We were planning on having a party at our house with our friends for the Rumble but that was out of the question, so we were pretty psyched to still be able to watch it.

The next morning we went to Burger King for breakfast and I snagged a crown for Dean. He was totally digging it.

The shop who had the car told us that the transmission was shot and we'd have to replace it. We had just put a new clutch in it a few months ago, and the car isn't worth half of what a new transmission cost so we decided to have it donated to charity. We bought the car new and it lasted exactly two weeks short of eight years, which is a bummer. I would have liked to have had it a few more years.

Despite how bummer-tastic the situation was with our car we made the best of it. It's a pretty stressful situation, and it totally sucks we don't have a car any more but it was, over all, a pretty fun weekend.

Bye-bye sweet Forenza! We will miss you!

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