Mariner's FanFest 2015

We are super psyched for the upcoming baseball season. The addition of Nelson Cruz is cause for big celebrations!!  Our hopes are high for the team this year. 

 A few weekends ago we decided to get on the hype train and go to Mariner's FanFest. So we packed up and headed to Seattle for a nice little mini vacation.

The weather was gorgeous~ 60-some degrees with bright sunshine. We went up to the roof control room to see where they open and close the roof. For those who don't know, Safeco Field has a roof that opens and closes to cover the field when they need it to. It's pretty impressive.

There were cute little places to pose for pictures. I'd say this was the closest we'd ever come to being next to Nelson Cruz but it wasn't.  He actually walked by us while we were standing in line to tour the clubhouse. We said hi and he said hi back~ OMGosh it was so cool!

We got to go down to the field and walk the bases, and hang inside the dugout. There were so many people there and everyone was cool about taking pictures.  

Dean spent the entire time in the Baby Bjorn and had the time of his life. There was so much to see, so many people to look at. He just loved the sights and sounds of the entire Fest.

Have you ever been to a FanFest before? If you ever have a chance to go to a FanFest for a team near you, definitely go! Being able to see so many things up close, meet players, and get swept up in the excitement of it, is just so fun!

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