Baby Dean's Lullaby

Aaron and I decided we would like to raise our kids bilingual, to the best of our abilities. English is our native language, but over the last few years we have been teaching ourselves Japanese and speak it to each other whenever we can. Our last two trips to Japan have really been great for learning, practicing, and reinforce our knowledge. When we filled out the US Census we put down that English and Japanese are both spoken in our household. d^_^b

Recently, we made Baby Dean a little playlist on my iPod for him listen to and there's a few quiet Japanese songs on it. One song in particular Dean seems to respond to is this pretty one from a show called "Macross Frontier" that I've decided will be his lullaby. The song is called "Aimo" and it's short and sweet, and even though it's in Japanese, the lyrics are pretty easy for me to learn.

Here's a version with the Japanese lyrics and then the English translation~

What do you think? It's really melodic and soothing sounding, I think. Plus the lyrics are beautiful. Whenever the song comes on in the store (and there's no customers around) I will stop what I'm doing and sing it out loud so he can hear me sing it. (On a side note~ some customers totally walked in on me doing that today haha!)

Do you have a favorite lullaby? Is it a traditional one? Or from a Disney movie? Is it made up? Is there a song you want to sing to your kids when you have them? Let me know what you think so I have a good variety of songs to sing to Dean. ♥
MoosiferX said...

My mom always sang me "Twinkle Little Star" like every night for the first 3-4 years of my life. That said I'm super stoked about Aimo!

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