TheFoxShop Is Now Open!

Hey everyone! My Etsy shop, TheFoxShop, is now open! Please check out my selection of knitted cowls, beanies, and hair bows.

I will be adding stuff to the shop every so often. There are two cowls in needles right now so those will be probably be added sometime this week or next. Also, if there is something you are interested in but not seeing in my shop let me know, I'm very open to do special orders.

My shop will not be closing for the holidays since I have to work every day between now and... after New Years probably. Short of Christmas Day I mean. So I'll be out & about and able to get to the post office.

Well, thanks for stopping by everyone. Have a great day!
ilene @ muchloveilly said...

congrats! this is so exciting! wishing you all the best :)

xoxohannah said...

Congrats!!!! I've always hoped you would open a store :) I need to send you an email for two reasons so keep your eyes open for that coming your way soon.



Ooh congratulations!! I"m loving your beanies :)

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