DIY Lip Color

My stubbornness knows no bounds sometimes, and yesterday it was in my favor. I had the evening off and I was determined to get some fun time in along with my responsibilities. Earlier in the day I saw this video by Michelle Phan on how to make your own lip color by using up your old make up and I just had to make some for myself.

So I cranked up the music and snagged the materials:

■ your fave clear gel lip balm
■ old lipstick, blush, and eye shadow
■ metal spoon
■ candle lighter
■ tooth picks
■ some type of container (I used emptied eye shadow containers)

Put a good amount of lip balm in the spoon. With the tooth pick scrape, scratch, add the colors to the top of the lip balm. Use the candle lighter underneath the spoon and melt the balm. *note: this will blacken your spoon pretty hardcore- it washed off my spoon though.* Stir the color into the balm, mixing well. Once it cools (it takes a few seconds) try the color on. Add more lip balm or color as desired; melt and mix again. Once you are happy with the color, carefully drizzle it into the container and let cool. DONE!

I made two different lip colors:

A bold pink blush and a light sparkly nude made a bright sparkly pink.

A coral and kinda nude pink lipsticks with sparkly nude eye shadow made this really pretty lighter coral color~

Experiment with different colors and varying proportions of color vs. clear lip balm. Oh, and a little lip stick goes a l o n g way. I threw away one attempt because the purple-ish pink lipstick I used was cah-ray-zy bold. Definitely play with it and find that perfect color. Don't be scared of the color! Play with it! This is such a great use for shades you don't use anymore or colors that have cracked and are in pieces.

This little project maybe took me 30 minutes to do start to finish, which was great since I only had a little play time last night. I will probably do this again since it was such a fun little project.

Have you ever made your own lip balm before? Did you add anything special? I'd love to hear about other blogger's experiences with making homemade make ups. Let me know your thoughts!
Crissy (Dainty Fawn) said...

Ooh cute color!! I think I've tried a similar one before but I didn't heat up the lip balm xD

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