Christmas Kitty

The past few years I have picked up little holiday outfits for Rinoa.  This year I snagged her a Christmas tree dress.

It's a bit small for her, so it's more a vest than a dress.  She's so happy about wearing it, she's scratching the couch in front of me out of spite.

Last year Rinoa got this pretty outfit.  Doesn't she just look THRILLED?! Haha!

Maaaaa~ please take this ridiculous thing off me. Noooow~ hmph!

There is actually one thing she's cool with~ this little collar and bell~ 

It's so wonderful and festive, until bed time when she's doing her nightly rounds and she just jingles the entire time... Not so enjoyable then. It's just a day time collar.

Tonight I got feisty and put on a little mini cowl I made on her.

Doesn't she look lovely?  It makes her mane fluff up and she looks kinda like a lion.  She looks all snuggly and warm~ ready for a white Christmas and a visit from Santa.  Let me tell you, she's ecstatic for Santa to come!  Her stocking is hung and ready for goodies!
Jessica Howard said...

Jaqi also loves her jingle bell collar. They are winners.

Jess said...

Bahaha I love the Christmas tree dress!

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