37 Weeks ~ Maternity Pictures

We've made it full term. We are 18 days away from meeting our little man. Oh my gosh you guys. The nerves! The excitement! Our hearts are about to explode with love for this little baby of ours.

It's hard to imagine my life right now not being pregnant, not getting my world ready for the changes ahead, not preparing to share my life and my heart with another man. Aaron has my entire heart and soul and the thought of having room for more love for another person, a person that Aaron and I created together, it sometimes so hard to wrap my head (and heart) around. But I am looking forward to all this discovery so much!

People keep asking me if I'm excited, or how excited I am, for the baby. And while I am excited, I'm not jumping up and down excited or freaking out excited. When I look inside myself there's this stillness that is just ready.

Ready to love, cuddle, and get to know Dean, and for him to get to know us. I am ready for my world to drastically change and never go back.

Aaron and I are ready to start this new journey together. ♥
Chandra said...

Congratulations you guys :) you will make incredible parents!!

Sarah Grace said...

Yay! You look amazing!

Aleka said...

Great pics!! You two will make phenomenal parents. Can't wait to get together with your new little family. :0)

The Grits Blog said...

I am so excited for you!! My husband and I are trying for one right now, can't wait to be where you are!!

That picture with your hands on your belly is just adorable - and yes I will be copying you and doing a picture like that!

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