Week 18 vs Week 35

Week 18

Week 35

That little man of mine is starting to jet straight out!! And by start, I mean, oh my gosh look at how far out he goes!!!

It's kinda funny because a lot of my customers don't even know I'm pregnant until I stand up and walk around. Their eyes go big and they get this look on their face like "WOW! I didn't expect that!" I get a kick out of it anyways.

Notice that my hair is about the same length in both pictures~ I find this totally weird since I haven't had a hair cut in between these two pics! So many other mama's told me that my hair and nails would grow like crazy once I started taking prenatal vitamins, and I've taken them this entire pregnancy and I feel like my hair has grown slower than it did when I wasn't pregnant. Just weird. Any other mama's experience this?

On a slightly random note~ I've really been wanting to post some makeup tutorials on here, but my work schedule just hasn't allowed me the free time during day light, so for today (and maybe the next short while) I'm just going to post little pictures of what I've been wearing. Like this:

(The combination of lighting at my store and the shininess of my eye shadow isn't perfect, sorry!)

On my eyelids I'm wearing Cover Girl Flamed Out Shadow Pen in Crystal Flame, the eyeliner is Maybelline Master Precise in blue, on my lips is Revlon "Raspberry Ice" balm which I found a few summers ago at Fred Meyer once and haven't seen anywhere since, on my face is Revlon CC cream in Light/Medium, and lastly Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearl in Bronze Pearl.

White/blue and pink/brown are my favorite eye shadow combo's right now. I've been rocking them pretty much exclusively for the past two weeks-ish. Do you have a favorite look you're rocking right now? What's your favorite eye combo? Do you have an eye/lip combo you like? Let me know~ I love hearing from you! ♥

Harlynn said...

I love your look in the first picture!!
The second one is really pretty, you can definitely pull it off and have some mad make-up skills!


Chrissy said...

Very gorgeous! Hope all is well! Happy Monday xxx

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