Dean's Quiet Book

A few weekends ago was Dean's beautiful, beautiful baby shower. We are so lucky to have such warm, loving, and supportive family and friends. They all spoiled us like crazy. We didn't expect such generosity! ♥♥♥

One item in particular I want to show off is "Dean's Quiet Book" my sister handmade. This thing is mind blowing. Everything we got that day was incredible but everyone at the shower thought hands down this was the best present.

Sorry the pic quality is so terrible~ I couldn't find my camera and used my ipod. >.<;

It's a soft book made of only felt and embroidery floss.

The first page is our store mascot, Seilah, and the store's front door.

The doors flip open to show me and Aaron. ♥

A Star Trek Next Generation page. It's hard to see, but Warf's head is incredibly detailed.

The Hobbit page.

Star Wars page. This photo is super washed out so sadly you can't see it, but the warp drive on the Millennium Falcon is bright blue. Love it!

Pacific Rim page. I'm a huge huge HUGE fan of this movie. Best movie of last year and probably decade. Bold words, I know.

The Dragon Quest Slime page. They are some of Aaron's all time favorite characters ever. Aren't they just so happy and fun?

The detail my sister put into this book is absolutely incredible. The amount of time it took to cut out every little piece and then stitch it on, oh my goodness, I can't even imagine! It's such an precious gift and I cannot wait for Dean to be able to have it. It's something we're going to treasure forever!

Do you have any of your baby items still? Your baby blanket or favorite doll/stuffed animal? Is there an item you're keeping for your kids? ♥
Sarah Grace said...

That is such an amazing gift! I want to make one now :)

Pamela said...

What a work of love! So detailed and thoughtful. :)

Bitten Usagi said...

That is so awesome. I've wanted to make one for my kiddos but never have gotten around to it.
My son now has my bear I had when I was little. It's seen better days for sure but it makes me smile when he plays with it.

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