Crushed Chocolate Biscuit Strips

First off, I want to freak out a bit and say that there are only 30 days left until we meet our little guy! 30 days friends. That's just crazy! Aaron is convinced he's going to come sooner than that, I don't care really, I'm just ecstatic!

Okay, breeeathe Sarah.... *pheeeew* Okay I'm good~ on to the topic at hand:

Crushed Chocolate Biscuit Stips

After a delicious dinner of tacos last night I wanted something fluffy and sweet for dessert, and when the fridge and pantry came up with nothing I decided to come up with something on my own. We don't go grocery shopping often anymore, so the need to be creative pops up frequently. Not that I mind at all. This way I get to create lots of fun things! Like those Red Chocolate Pancakes I made not too long ago.

Surprisingly enough, there's still more left over chocolates from that time. Yeah, I'm slow when it comes to using up food. Or maybe I just buy more than I need? Either way, I need to work on it. So here I am, working on some colorful, fluffy, and perfectly sweet dessert "strips".

What you need:

■ 1 cup Bisquick (or any biscuit mix you have on hand)
■ 1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk (or whatever milk you like)
■ a small handful of red chocolate chips (if you can't find red, you can always melt down white chocolate and add food coloring)
■ a handful of milk chocolate chips
■ not pictured: a greased bread pan, a ziplock baggie, mallet, vanilla extract, and orange juice

Prehead oven to 425*. Put the chocolate chips into a ziplock baggie and use the corner of the mallet to break the pieces up. They can be any size you like. I liked mine to be about the size of a pea. Once you are happy with the size of the pieces (or are done pounding the bajeesus out of the chocolate ;D) mix them with the Bisquick, milk, and a few drops of vanilla extract. If you accidentally pour too much vanilla extract *cough* like I did *cough* add a teaspoon or two of orange juice, it will help balance out the overpowering flavor of the vanilla. It won't taste "orange-y", promise.

Plop the dough into the bread ban and cook for about 15-20 minutes, or until a knife comes out clean. Transfer to a flat surface and let cool a bit. Cut diagonally into strips and serve.

I ate all but three of these little guys last night while in bed playing on my Vita. *^_^* Somehow I found myself surprised (and a little annoyed) at the amount of crumbs I found in my pj's this morning. Haha!

If you try these out, let me know what you think!! ♥
The Grits Blog said...

First of all congrats on the baby :) This is such an exciting time for you and your family!! So happy for you!!

Secondly - this recipe looks to die for!! Thank you so much for sharing!

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