Nesting & Nostalgia

My nesting instincts went into high gear last night. Lots of pictures are missing in my blog posts and it really bothered me and it needed to get fixed NOW. I spent my entire evening going through hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of pictures to figure out which ones fit inside the blog posts. Posts that I couldn't find pictures for were just deleted. That's kinda sad but I'd rather them be gone than picture-less.

A few posts in particular I wanted fixed were the ones related to our trip to Tokyo. That was such a big deal for us and we had such an amazing time I wanted to keep it documented. Luckily I got them all fixed and I wanted to re-share them with you guys.

Tokyo Recap #1 ~ all about the Kaminarimon temple we were a block from.
Tokyo Recap #2 ~ food, Akihabara, & friends.
Tokyo Recap #3 ~ Valentine's Day

It was so much fun pouring over all these pictures. It's crazy to think that just over two years ago Aaron and I were wandering the streets of Tokyo. It gave me butterflies seeing all the sites again (and I'm getting them again just thinking about it).

There is no doubt in our minds that we will go to Japan again. This time with Dean (and any other little ones we might have). This means we'll have to wait a few years, but we will take Dean to Japan. Teach him all about different cultures. Show him just how awesome and big this world of ours is.

I cannot encourage everyone enough to travel to a foreign country. Seriously. If you want to do it, do it! I know that the cost of traveling can be a scary big amount, but I recommend saving up and going through a website like Expedia months in advance so once the flight and hotel are paid for you have all that time to save up spending money. Our trips all varied in length (7-9-ish days), so flight & hotel for both of us was between $2900-$3400. Which seems like a lot, but in comparison, our three day trip to San Fransisco was a little over $1300 for flight & hotel for both of us.

Experiencing and being immersed in a different culture is worth every penny it takes to get you there. I guess that's a bit obvious since we've been to Japan four times. Definitely travel if you can. It may seem scary and impossible but it's not. Really it's not. If you can take a week off work to go on a local vacation, you can totally go abroad.

Anyways, enough of my rambling. I might be preaching to the choir here. Have you traveled to a foreign country before? Where have you gone? What cool things did you do while you were there? I know a couple of my blogging friends have been to Italy and Malaysia, which seem like awesome places to visit. If you haven't traveled, where would you go? ♥
Meg @ Life, Love and The Webers said...

This is awesome! I can't wait to travel with our Littles. We might might start with Disneyland though and see how that goes ;) I spent 2 weeks in Costa Rica right after I graduated high school and I loved every minute.

KnittedFox said...

Disneyland would be a great place to go with kids! I've never been there but I can only imagine the awesomeness. *^__^*

Hima Rajana said...

Studying abroad is something I definitely want to do in college! I want to go to Barcelona or Madrid- just to immerse myself in the culture and, like you said, learn more about this huge world of ours!

xo, Hima
Hima Hearts

Bitten Usagi said...

Sadly I've never been out of the country & most states I've been to I only really passed through on the way to Baton Rouge, LA and Iowa. Lol. I'd love to go to Japan & Ireland, though. I've been obsessed with Japan since falling in love with anime and actually have a minor in Asian Studies because of it (. And being Irish I'd love to be able to see the country my family came from. 💞

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