9 Day Fashion Challenge - Day Four Neon & Muscles

This is a challenge I'm putting myself to. You can catch up on previous days here~ [1] [2] [3]

Aaron has told me multiple times over the last decade or so that if my soul had a color it would be neon. I definitely rocked all of the neon clothes back in the late 80's and early 90's while in elementary school.

So actually quick funny story about that~ I started elementary school in western Washington and all the girls wore neon and/or flower print leggings and over sized t-shirt tied to one side. In the 4th grade I moved to eastern Washington and nobody dressed like that- just jeans and normal tshirts. Aaron has since told me that he really liked the way I dressed back then. Awwwww!

So here I am twenty years later (holy crap!) still rocking neon. Not so much the printed leggings (although those have been making a comeback), or the sideways tied shirts (thought I have thought about it). You could say I'm like a raccoon in that if I see something neon-y I'm instantly attracted to it, touch it, and wear it if I can.

This is my favorite outfit of the challenge so far. I really like the contrasting colors between the blue shirt and the neon blue belt, and the black tank and the neon yellow shoes. It's a simple outfit, but I feel the statement pieces (the belt and shoes) really make it a unique and fun outfit. This outfit will absolutely make it into my regular rotation of outfits.

For whatever reason I felt like channelling Hulk Hogan in my pictures today. The first pic is my "power pose" lol! Making silly body builder poses made taking pictures pretty easy. It was windy outside today so there are some awwwwesomely bad pictures. Maybe I'll post an "out takes" photos post when this is all over.

What do you think of this little challenge so far? Is there an outfit you like the best? Any thoughts or comments about the challenge in general? I'd love to hear!! ♥

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