9 Day Fashion Challenge - Day Six

This is a challenge I'm putting myself to help myself feel confident with my post-baby body. You can catch up on previous days here~ [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

After a few needed days away from the computer (mostly) I'm back feeling refreshed and energized.  I have posts for here and my store's blog taking shape in my head and I'm working on a project with my sisters that I am excited about.  Good things all around!

This Fashion Challenge had been a very good thing for me.  I have more time for more things in the morning, I'm feeling fairly confident in my appearance, and I'm wearing my clothes in new and uniqie ways.  It has been a creative and fun challenge.

Four different individuals at different points thruought my day told me that I looked good for having had a baby recently.  That made me feel really good as I fussing over how this outfit felt on me and how my body looked "fluffy".  These nice comments were a huge confidence booster for me.

Hopefully that confidence carries over to tomorrow because I'm trying something new with tomorrow's outfit.  It has been cold and rainy (and will continue to be all week) and I will need a little extra warmth so I will be weaing a cardigan but only a an accent piece, not to entirely cover it up.

I am falling asleep writing this so I'm gonna go.  <3

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